Man in a white suit


At some point in a man’s life, a man will want to look and feel good while looking classy. In today’s fashion, most men would often rather wear their sweats and t-shirts everywhere – we get it, it’s comfy. However, now that men have spent the past year in nothing BUT casual wear, maybe the motivation to look sharp has become a little more evident. What are the images you use on your Tinder profile? You in the pair of sweatpants you haven’t washed since December or you in a clean-cut suit? When you look good you feel good. When you feel good you want to capture the moment. Capture the moments you look like a classy man.

Listen up, men – there are so many missed opportunities by not dressing the part. Take cues from the women if you need help figuring out which occasions to dress up and be classy. For example, an evening in a nice restaurant would be a great opportunity to bring up your fashion game and wear a snazzy jacket with your really nice jeans.

Let’s go back to the ‘jacket’ part – did you know you can rent a jacket alone? Check out our selections here.

At Classy we recognize that mix and match can be fun and more affordable as well. We offer individual item rentals, such as dress shoes, a vest to create a three-piece look to your suit, colorful jackets you wouldn’t normally invest in purchasing but would be willing to wear it that one time.

Not sure what item to mix and match? We love helping you figure out your look, don’t be shy to bring in some inspiration pictured or a piece of clothing you own, and we will work with that.

Be a classy man whenever you can because everyone loves a man in a suit!