Changing Lives
One Umbrella at a Time

Classy is a proud sponsor of the Social Tree foundation.

In the spirit of inclusion and community engagement, the foundation’s mission is to help teenagers and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to find work.

Under the Umbrella

The Under the Umbrella campaign helps the Social Tree fund a program for employers and candidates with ASD. A team of dedicated professionals is developing workshops, conferences, and a specially structured career centre. Workplace training and family support also create adequate environments, build lasting relationships, and improve the quality of life of those involved.
Supporting the Social Tree means celebrating differences and the wealth those differences have to offer. Please give generously!

Derek Alfred Umbrella color

Giving is classy!

By purchasing a stylish umbrella, you are generously donating $50 to the Social Tree, a foundation that helps autistic youth develop their career.