Rental Terms & Conditions

In consideration for the use of the rental apparel, the customer agrees as follows:

  1. The customer agrees to return the rental on the first business day after the use date. The customer agrees to pay the lesser $25.00 per day for each day items are not returned.
  2. Customer agrees to pay the lessor $10.00 for a non-returned Classy garment bag and $2.00 for a Classy hanger. After 5 business days, the rental articles will be deemed purchased. The lesser retains the right to take legal proceedings against the lessee in the event of non-returned/damaged articles.
  3. The damage waiver fee covers repairable damages only and is non-refundable. Irreparable damages will be charged to the replacement value of the item in question. Washing articles is prohibited as it may damage the garments. Only dry clean is allowed if required before return. Articles must be returned in the same condition as when obtained by Classy.
  4. If the lessor is unable to deliver any of the items ordered by the customer, the lessor’s liability will be limited to the rental price of the items not delivered.
  5. The final fitting and pick up of the reserved items shall be done approx. 1 to 3 days before the use date. Should you require an earlier pick up date, extra fees for longer additional rental periods may be charged.
  6. We require an in-store final fitting prior to use. Customers declining this fitting assume full responsibility. For online orders, the lessor must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the garments in order to send a replacement item. Replacement items are charged shipping fee if customers did not reserve sizes suggested by Classy.
  7. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required upon reservation.However the deposit is transferable if the lessor is advised of the cancellation at minimum of 15 days before the use date.
  8. The rental is not refundable once shipped or picked up even if not worn by the customer.
  9. Customers agree that we are not responsible or liable for personal items left in the apparel.