The Classy Experience Starts Here

Whether online or in store, Classy’s turnkey service makes it easy to rent or purchase perfectly tailored formal wear anywhere in Canada.

2 options to serve you better. The choice is yours!


The Classy Experience
Classy In-Store Experience

Classic In-Store Experience

Welcome to our shop, which is fully dedicated to your classiest moments. When you arrive at our prestigious Classy shop—
whether alone or with your partner or friends—you get the VIP treatment. Our consultants will attend to your every need.

Our experts will help you select your suit or tuxedo in our luxurious showrooms. Once you have selected your desired style and cut, we will take your measurements with care. That’s it! Your outfit is reserved!

The final fitting takes place the same week as your event, between Wednesday and Friday if the big day is Saturday.

Any final alterations such as hemming pants are done on sight by our in-house tailor.

Don’t forget accessories!

Classy in-store consultation
Trying on a new custom size suit at Classy

“Help! I need an outfit for tonight!”

We are happy to help. In under an hour, you’ll walk out of Classy with a freshly prepared suit altered to your needs.

The in-store Classy experience also comes with the added benefit of having access to all our services under one roof.

Workshop, warehouse, and smiles included!

You can rely on our experienced and efficient staff to get your style just right.

Appointments by groups of 3 are preferable.

Experience 2.0: From our warehouse to your office

Just a few clicks, and the job is done. Let our user-friendly reservation system guide you.

You can select your outfit from the Collections page. It boasts an impressive number of styles and items but take your time. Day or night, anywhere in Canada, the decision is yours.

Need help? Schedule a virtual appointment with a member of our team who can answer all your questions.



Sewing a shirt at Classy
Ironing suits

Thanks to technology, we can provide recommendations. Complementary accessories and clothing are presented for each article of clothing. If you are unhappy with the suggestions, make a personal selection. Add whatever you like to your cart!

Once you have selected your outfit, we will need your measurements. You have 3 options:

• Enter your pant, jacket, and shirt collar size if you know them.
• Come to one of our 41 partner shops.
• Ask a local tailor to take your measurements. Men’s clothing professionals offer this service free of charge.
• Take your measurements at home using a flexible tape measure, ideally with help from another person. 

You can count on a quick response from our customer service team to help you out in any circumstances.

Our team will prepare your outfit according to the measurements received. We will then ship it to you via courier service of your choice within 10 days before your event.

Just in time for you to try on your rental. Contact us if you need guidance for alterations or to replace an item.

No matter how you order, you’re covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee and can benefit from all the advantages of our turnkey services, including quick returns. Because you’re part of the Classy family, too!

Man leaving with his new suit